CHIEF RANDE COOK (K'ALAPA) was born May 1977 in culture-rich Alert Bay, a small village on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Surrounded by the beauty of land and art, Rande found the passion of creativity at an early age. With the strong teachings from his grandparents, Gus and Florence Matilpi, Rande learned the important values of life and culture. In 2008, Rande inherited his grandfather's chieftainship and now carries the name Makwala, which means moon. Rande is extensively involved in his culture and has hosted a Potlatch and two feasts for his family and community. Rande is also known for his traditional dancing and singing in Potlatches. 

​Rande has worked with many great mentors such as John Livingston for his mastery in wood sculpting, Robert Davidson in metal work, and Clavin Hunt for his talented craftsmanship in wood. In addition and most recently with Repousee and Chasing master Valentin Yotkov. Rande has been expanding his capacities with new creative ideas and in 2010 traveled to Italy to study under Yotkov. Most recently he traveled to New York to study in Yotkov's studio to increase his craft in Rapoussee and Chasing. 

Rande pushes himself in all his mediums looking for perfection of each technique. In 2017, Rande was invited as Artist in Residence at Pilchuck Glass school in Washington where he expressed his art style in glass and enhanced his education in glassblowing. Shortly after, Rande was invited as Artist in Residence at Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington where he carried on exploring his skills with a highly talented team of glassblowers. 

Rande now resides in Victoria where he continues to push himself in his creativity by finding many new inspirations in new mediums. 


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